Treatment Solutions

The following résumé outlines the range of specialist services and equipment currently offered by SEWACO LIMITED. Technical information covering specific items is available on request.

Activated Carbon Filters.
Design, manufacture, supply and installation of activated carbon filters and associated plant for adsorption of contaminants from water, effluent and gasses.

Activated Sludge
Sewaco manufactures and supplies a range of waste water treatment systems incorporating surface and sub-surface aeration equipment. The complete plant is designed to meet individual site requirements.

Purpose designed ordered plastic media biological filter beds for a range of biodegradable wastes are constructed to meet specific applications for carbonaceous effluent and nitrifying applications.

Biological Treatment
A full range of treatment plant design and construction services is offered. This includes site investigation and report preparation, project and process design and costing, plant layout design, equipment selection, procurement and installation. commissioning, plant operative training, and plant maintenance.

A range of Clarifiers is available for settlement and flotation separation of liquids and sludges which can incorporate specialist media packs to improve the rate of separation. Flotation and sedimentation can also be achieved in the same vessel where conditions require this.

Diffused Aeration
Sewaco offers a range of coarse and fine bubble air diffusers suitable for pneumatic agitation and aeration of liquids.

Dissolved Air Flotation
Sewaco manufactures a highly efficient and simple system for separation of fine suspended solids and emulsified solutions. Plant incorporates specially designed flocculation vessels. The use of compact flotation cells with collection systems and white water generation plant. The use of a range of chemical coagulants and flocculation agents enables the plant to handle a diverse effluent source.

Effluent Treatment Plant
A full range of mechanical plant and associated electrical equipment is backed up by a comprehensive installation service.

Electrical Control Systems
Sewaco, in conjunction with its electrical equipment suppliers offers a comprehensive service for design, supply and installation of motor control panels and electronic control systems.

Flow Measurement Recording and Sampling
Sewaco supplies composite flow and measurement systems. These include ultra-sonic, non contact level monitoring, 'in pipe' flow measurement and 'time of flight' systems. Measurement systems can be linked to automatic sampling plant, print out and electronic recording units.

Foam Damping and Floating Sludge Dispersion
Low pressure spray nozzles and pipework are installed to apply coarse and fine droplets of effluent to break up foam and floating solids. Plant can be designed for manual or automatic operation.

HYRATE Biofilters
Sewaco has developed a range of open and closed top rectangular and polytower structures suitable for containment of modular plastic media. The design of each containment shell ensures adequate ventilation of the media pack. Shells can be single skin internally clad or double skin externally clad with an internal impervious membrane for maximum protection of the structural elements. A wide choice of finished colours is available to meet local planning requirements. All structures are formed from materials that are aesthetically pleasing and suitable for recycling at the end of their operational life.

HYCOVER Distribution Systems
Plastic media biofilters require specific wetting rates to prevent build-up of biomass within the media pack. Sewaco HYCOVER static and rotary distributors have been designed to meet these requirements. Static systems suit the plan of HYRATE rectangular biofilters while rotary distributors are designed for circular filter shells and HYRATE Polytower structures. Static distributors can be fitted with AUTOCLEANSE, our automatic nozzle cleansing system. This minimises biomass accumulation and thereby reduces plant maintenance. HYCOVER rotary distributors are arranged for reaction drive and can be fitted with variable speed electric drive. Periodic flushing can be achieved when electric drive is provided. In the event of power loss, machines automatically revert to reaction drive. Machines are fitted with stainless steel tubular or open trough type arms.

Media Support Matrix Modules
Factory assembled pre-fabricated and tailor made timber media support matrix modules are designed specifically for use in conjunction with modular plastic media. Specially treated timber beams provide excellent ventilation of the media pack, avoid accumulation of sludge pockets on wide surfaces, and accept full operational loads at up to 600 kg/m3 of media with an adequate safety margin to ensure a long and effective operational life. Prefabricated matrix modules are delivered to site ready for immediate installation, reducing construction time.

Modular Biofilter Towers
A modular design of rectangular HYRATE biofilters is available designed to fit onto 2.5 mt wide road transport trailers. These modular biofilters are ideal for temporary site installation or for small treatment works where large units cannot be accommodated. Modules are delivered to site and packed with media ready for installation on a flat concrete slab.

Nitrifying Biofilters
Using the HYRATE filter design and HYCOVER distributors, impressive reduction of ammonia levels with high flow rates can be achieved.

Pilot Plant
Often it is necessary to carry out 'on site' trials of the selected process prior to construction of full scale plant. These provide essential data to ensure that subsequent plant installation meets the required performance level. Sewaco can provide a range of suitable small scale plant for hire or purchase.

Plastic Modular Media
Sewaco can incorporate many different makes of modular media into its structures and processes, selecting the most suitable for each application. Alternatively accepting 'free issue' media when this meets clients requirements.

Portable Plant
Mobile HYRATE modular biofilter towers are available for hire or sale. In addition there is a full complement of pumps, electrical controls, tanks and pipework available in our hire Fleet. Let us know your requirements.

Pump Stations and Pipework
Sewaco undertakes design, selection and supply of most types of pumping equipment for handling and transfer of sewage effluents and sludges. Installation is undertaken by our skilled engineers who are fully trained and certificated for confined space operations.

Rotary Distributors
Sewaco manufactures a range of rotary distributor machines. These include Self Dosing HYCOVER rotary distributors, together with machines suitable for gravity and pumped feed. Machines, ranging in size from 4.0 up to 35.0 mt diameter, are available that can be arranged to receive up to 8 times D.W.F. Centre bowls and main support columns are fabricated from GMS or stainless steel materials dependant on site requirements, with integral dosing syphons where applicable. Stainless tubular and open trough type arms are fitted as standard. Special spreader plates are fitted to ensure curtain effect distribution onto media surface. Nozzle rodding caps and full flow washout end caps are provided to simplify routine maintenance. Centrally mounted belt drive Electric Power units are offered where speed control and periodic slow speed operation is required.

Roughing Filters
The Sewaco range of HYRATE Rectangular and Polytower Biofilter shells is suitable for use where roughing filters are required.

Scum Dispersion
A low pressure spray system has been developed for effective dispersion of floating sludge on settlement tanks. The process uses final effluent to apply coarse droplets to the tank surface to break up floating sludge flocs. The system is simple to install, requires low energy, is fully automatic in operation and needs minimum maintenance.

Sewaco manufactures mechanically raked coarse bar screens and static RUNDOWN screens for fine screen applications using wedge wire panels.

Service & Maintenance
Sewaco provides a full after sales service together with routine maintenance and contract service for all types of sewage and effluent plant installations.

Settlement Tanks
The range of equipment offered includes hopper bottom steel vessels, glass coated above ground and concrete segment tanks. In addition we manufacture full bridge scraper bridges with surface and bottom scraper mechanisms, sludge draw-off side tanks and transfer pump systems. Stainless steel scum boards and vee notch peripheral weir channels are fabricated 'in house' to our own design and can be installed in all types of tank design

Solids Separation
Processes include vacuum filtration, flotation, sedimentation and screening.

Spray Irrigation Systems
Final effluent polishing systems on controlled grass plots, using low pressure dispersion heads, provide an effective method for tertiary treatment. These methods of treatment can be used to improve distribution over existing gravity fed plots and to direct flow onto sites not accessible by gravity. Application rates and irrigation areas are dependant upon effluent quality and daily flow. Run-off is usually suitable for direct discharge to watercourse.

Steel Structures
Sewaco undertakes all kinds of steel fabrication, including access stairways, platforms, portal frame buildings and tower shells using 'in house' design and manufacturing facilities. All structures are designed by specialist engineers to ensure compliance with relevant standards.

Storage Tanks
These are manufactured in a range of materials to suit specific applications, including mild or low carbon steel, stainless steel, G.R.P, and most types of plastic materials.

Trough Type Rotary Distributors
The HYCOVER range of rotary distributors can be fitted with stainless steel open troughs incorporating our unique design to minimise Vee notch blockage. Trough machines also incorporate anti surge control to prevent flow tracking from one trough to the opposite trough.

Waste Product Recovery
Many process operations produce a waste product. Detailed investigation of operating methods can often minimise waste production. Advice is available on methods of handling, storage, disposal or recovery for use as a valuable by-product elsewhere.

Water Meter Boundary Boxes
Meter Box Systems is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sewaco Ltd. A range of underground boundary boxes is manufactured which is fully WRAS approved and certificated for use on potable water supply. The range includes the efficient MBS Manifold incorporating a stop tap and non return valve with top entry meter mounting point to accept all types of screw-in water meters.

  • SENTRY Box - ideally suited for caravan sites and rural property installations, this is available as a wet or dry enclosure with 160 mm guard tube, sliding top hat adjustment and plastic flip lid surface boxes fitted with 25 mm MDPE horizontal inlet & outlet spigot ends.
  • SENATE Box - suitable for all domestic and small commercial installations, this is available as a wet enclosure with 200 mm dia guard tube and tilting Top Hat to accept both cast iron and plastic surface boxes fitted with JG Speedfit `push fit' socket type horizontal inlet and outlet connections.

All boundary box units are fitted with the JG range of Speedfit 'push fit' connections. A full range of JG Speedfit 'push fit' pipe fittings is available to complement most installation requirements. Cast iron and plastic surface boxes can be supplied for both SENTRY and SENATE boxes. A range of bottom entry water meters can be supplied to suit site requirements.

White Water Generators
Suitable for operation with Dissolved Air Flotation plant, White Water generators are available to suit most sizes of D.A.F. units. Saturation vessels can be arranged for use in both horizontal and vertical orientations. Vessels can be manufactured in stainless or epoxy coated mild steel. Air for induction can be either compressor fed or venturi induced.