Steffturbine - Power from Water – the ecological answer

Steffturbine - An introduction from Jeremy Cox, MD of Sewaco Ltd.
Video: Jeremy Cox, Sewaco's Managing Director, introducing the Steffturbine

The Micro Hydroelectric Turbine utilises an effluent outfall that has a minimum flow rate of 250l/s with a height differential from 2.5m to 5m. The 12kw modular unit will generate power based on the potential created by the weight of water within the machine. The land based control system supplies power via an export meter to the national grid or site services.

The conveyor turbine is installed on an optimum incline of 30° which improves the capture of potential energy within the enclosed conveyor.

The unit requires minimal civil engineering input when included within a new design. Retro-fitting a micro Hydroelectric Turbine into an existing outfall may require additional infrastructure, hence the need to tie up with a civil engineering contractor.

Most Hydroelectric units utilise high speed turbine blades to drive the rotor which requires very clean water. The Conveyor system is design for high volume low head application and can cope with a wide variety of water & effluent sources. This makes the conveyor turbine particularly suited to final effluent applications.

Product Video

Main Benefits

  • Sustainable power supply.
  • Fixed electricity price for life time of generating system.
  • Reduce carbon foot print.

Product Testing

  • SteffTurbines have completed extensive field trials.
  • The University of Munich have conducted operational and laboratory based performance efficiency trials.

Thanks to the unique concept, the natural environment is hardly disturbed – in marked contrast to existing technologies. The Steffturbine is positioned above the surface of the water, so that the ecosystem remains as pristine as possible with zero emissions and no CO2.

This System is currently being offered in northern Europe and Sewaco Ltd have been asked to market this system in co-operation with WRH Walter REIST Holding AG, based in Switzerland.

Fig. 5. Measurement result for the maximum turbine efficiency for the 10 kW Steffturbine under laboratory conditions.

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