Municipal Solutions

Sewaco offer the following Municipal Solutions:

Sewage Treatment

Sewaco manufactures a wide range of HYCOVER Rotary distributors including Trough arm, Standard arm & Self dosing siphon types suitable for either pump, gravity or siphon feed systems. The HYCOVER range of machines is designed to handle ... READ MORE

HYRATE Biofilters

Sewaco has developed a range of open and closed top rectangular and polytower structures suitable for containment of modular plastic media. The design of each containment shell ensures adequate ventilation of the media pack. Shells can be ... READ MORE

Rotary Distributors

HYCOVER Distribution Systems Plastic media biofilters require specific wetting rates to prevent build-up of biomass within the media pack. Sewaco HYCOVER static and rotary distributors have been designed to meet this requirement. HYCOVER Rotary distributors ... READ MORE

Sludge Suppression

Sewaco produces a travelling bridge 'Sludge Seeker' system that is ideally suited for removal of settled solids from rectangular horizontal flow settlement tanks of any length and up to 10 mts wide. Sludge Seeker systems can be ... READ MORE

Small Works Update

HYCOVER Rotary distributors are designed to meet a wide range of specific individual applications and for easy installation on site. Wetting rates are selected to meet media type. Distributors are availiable in various configurations, under and over ... READ MORE

Refurbishment Projects

The existing 35.0 mt x 13.2 mt timber frame tower structure at Rothes Sewage Works was in need of modification following removal of roof cladding and the open trough distribution system was very labour intensive and difficult ... READ MORE

Temporary Plant

Mobile HYRATE Biofilter towers are designed for easy transportation and erection on site. Towers are available in various configurations, packed with a range of media types, depending on application. Typical configurations contain 10.37 m3; 12.96 m3; 15.6 ... READ MORE

Lamella Systems

Product currently under review, please check back soon or email to request more information about this product. READ MORE

Proven Screenings Waste Handling Equipment

The Sewaco SHT 200-50/60 range can take wastewater screenings from screens of any size and manufacturer.The transfer unit can process screenings from raw sewage screens efficiently and effectively. The process takes rawscreenings direct from the screen discharge or ... READ MORE