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New product available from Sewaco 


Proven Screenings Waste Handling Equipment.

The Sewaco SHT 200-50-0.75 can take wastewater screenings from screens of any size and manufacturer. The transfer unit can process screenings from raw sewage screens efficiently and effectively. The process takes raw screenings direct from the screen discharge or via launder flow, separates the faecal matter rag and non organic waste, returning liquor back to the forward process, reducing the screenings to a dry product ready for disposal.

-  Greatly reduces transportation.
-  Greatly reduces operational costs—no back wash water required.
-  Organics removed from flow reduces BOD load to down stream process.
-  Separation system can be combined with flow balancing tank as a complete package.
-  Options suitable for any small S.T.W. up to P.E. 2000.
-  Operating capacity from 0.2 tonnes to 3.5tonnes per hour.
-  Low capital cost combine with low power requirement give good TOTEX benefits to customers.
-  75% volume reduction.
-  30%+ dry matter can be achieved.
-  Proven solids water separation systems combined into a simple assembly.
-  Proven Low maintenance requirement.
-  Built in grit protection and solids handling capability.
-  Simple maintenance procedures with extended service intervals.

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