Sewage Treatment

Sewage Treatment - Sewaco Limited Sewaco manufactures a wide range of HYCOVER Rotary distributors including Trough arm, Standard arm & Self dosing siphon types suitable for either pump, gravity or siphon feed systems. The HYCOVER range of machines is designed to handle a wide variety of application rates with flows from 5 L /s to 980 L /s.

Sewaco offers a refurbishment service to existing distributors to repair seals and improve flow rates using HYCOVER arm assemblies.

Sewage Treatment - Sewaco Limited Rotary Distribution
Sewaco manufactures Self Dosing HYCOVER rotary distributors with machines suitable for gravity or pumped feed.

HYRATE Polytower and Rectangular biofilter shells provide the ideal enclosure for plastic modular media. Sewaco also manufacture modular matrix-type media support systems.

Sewage Treatment - Sewaco Limited HYCOVER Distribution Systems
The Sewaco HYCOVER static and rotary distributors have been designed to meet the specific wetting rates that plastic media filters require.

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