Senate 200 UK

Senate 200 UK - Sewaco Limited •  Simple low cost design.
•  200mm Ø guard tube of variable length.
•  between 500 & 1000mm to suit application.
•  Optional MBS Top Hat gives simple height and camber adjustments.
•  Accepts all standard cast iron or plastic surface boxes. Manifold accepts all bottom entry meters.
•  Tough acetal copolymer manifold designed to reduce head loss. Incorporates meter / sampling point and non-return valve.
•  Light action stop valve supplied with torque limiting handle to prevent over stressing.
•  Manifold service pipe connections available as 25mm MDPE sapphire push fit couplings.
•  Meter unit can be serviced without excavation or special tools.
    Robust assembly withstands heavy wheel loads.
•  Product manufactured in the UK in accordance with ISO9001 quality principles.
•  Water Regulations Advisory Scheme.
•  Approved Product ref No. 1111058.
•  Supplier Number : 702851.
•  Meter Box Systems is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sewaco Ltd specialising in water and waste water systems within the European Community.

All Meter Box Systems provided by Sewaco have been assessed and approved by representatives of the UK Water Suppliers.